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3rd-party Medline search tools

Posted by iskanbasal on August 1, 2007

Below I posted about Twease as a 3rd-party tool to search pubMed-Medline and I wanted to explore one another tool that is relemed: “ReleMed is a search engine. You enter one or a few words, and then ReleMed searches all the data in MEDLINE for the best matches to your query words. Then ReleMed displays the most relevant results first.

The similarity of ReleMed with services like PubMed is that it retrieves almost the same articles. But the difference is that ReleMed shows the articles in a different order, with the most relevant articles shown first”.

While the previous tool searches inside the abstracts, Relemed searches Medline scoring the articles for their relevance. I’m only interested to have a sufficient information about the most useful search tools, at least one or two of them and to become acquainted in their use. I think one’s interest will go parallel to one’s necessities. I listed some of the 3rd-party search tools in my portals link here in myhome page to have rapid access to them. Then a post at the David Rothman’s blog appeared to report a long list of these tools. This is why I think it is useful to follow one of the medical librarian blogs; it is the best way to get this information easily and rapidly. They tell you everything about the new tools that appear and sometimes  some of their characteristics and how to use them. A medical librarian was saying somewhere in their post that the researchers in their institution do not even know that the new link that appear on their desktops comes from the library. I really guess about the extent of relationship between a medical librarian and their hospital or university physicians and researchers; how much the physicians can depend on the librarians and when can they require their help. 

(Escuse me my English errors).



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