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Medical Milestones 2007 The BMJ’s poll to find the greatest medical breakthrough since 1840.

Posted by iskanbasal on August 24, 2007

The BMJ’s poll to find the greatest medical breakthrough since 1840.

Which of the medical breakthroughs of the past 166 years is the most important? If we could have only one of them, which would it be?

This was the poll at the BMJ and here is the PDF of the whole results. Sanitation was the winner, computers came No 10.

The BMJ poll.

Watch the webcast on the importance of computers and computation in modern medicine:

Tuesday April 10 2007
Computers: Changing the way we learn, live, communicate, and treat
Dr Tony Delamothe, BMJ
Professor Michael Kidd

Watch the webcast and download the slides.


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