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Archive for the ‘Blogs’ Category

Scientists on Twitter – Astronomers, Biologists, and Chemists, and more – Science Pond

Posted by iskanbasal on August 11, 2009

thanks to scienceroll this is a good page to scientists on Twitter.

Scientists on Twitter – Astronomers, Biologists, and Chemists, and more – Science Pond

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BMJ Group blogs

Posted by iskanbasal on August 11, 2009

interesting blogs to follow when time allows to enjoy some readings

BMJ Group blogs

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Medicine 2.0 Blog Carnival

Posted by iskanbasal on August 6, 2007

This is the last edition of the blog carnival.  some of the posts in this carnival I already know as those of clinical cases, the David Rothman, Science roll and Dr.RW blog; blogs that I try to fellow regularly where i get many good ideas for the use of internet and for advancing my personal knowledge and studies. Dr.RW has a really detailed and interesting posts while David Rothman as a medical librarian is a source of help and advice in his field, clinical cases I visit him nearly every day to watch for every new thing. Few years ago all this interaction was not even thought possible.

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Science blogs

Posted by iskanbasal on June 28, 2007

I added science my blogroll in the right side bar. These are all selected by SEEDS magazine and media as important blogging sites. There are only a limited number of selected blogs here, I think just 63. the aim of the seedmedia is to improve sience literacy in the public culture:

ScienceBlogs was created by Seed Media Group. We believe that science literacy is a pre-condition for progress in the 21st century. At a time when public interest in science is high but public understanding of science remains weak, we have set out to create innovative media ventures to improve science literacy and to advance global science culture.

I already know only “aietiology” in the list of their bloggers. This action is important in the field of scientific knowledge, although I aways think about the interactions between science and the other fields of life. There are however articles in Seed that take this into consideration. certainly I should learn more about it, as time permitts.

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A list of important medical blogs from Kevinmd

Posted by iskanbasal on June 27, 2007

This is a very interesting list. I’d like to keep it under a certain tag that I can refer to it easly. Anyhow I have subscribed to the RSS of most of the blogs in this list in my Google reader. That of the WSJ health blog is the most important, so it is defined:

“The WSJ Health Blog is a must-read and should be checked several times per day for those who want to keep up with the latest. I think this is the best mainstream-media health blog today.”

Thanks to kevin’s reference.

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Medicine 2.0

Posted by iskanbasal on June 25, 2007

Medicine 2.0 is an interesting concept to know and it describes a new field of organizing knowledge and interaction in medicine. Here how it is defined in this blog carnival.

” More and more blogs are getting closer to this subject as physicians, medical students, health care lawyers and medical librarians all realize the importance of web 2.0 and also understand how these tools, services could help their works.”

Clinicla cases announce a new edition of it and explains also the meaning of what a blog carnival is.

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