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Archive for the ‘Science’ Category

Everything depends on everything else

Posted by iskanbasal on June 9, 2009

REVIEW, Clinical Microbiology and Infection, Vol: 15, Issue: s1

January 2009

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Abstract: In physics the concept of entanglement is well established and it has become increasingly apparent that all levels of biological organization (communities, organisms, cells, metabolism) consist of mosaics of interactive networks. There is a universe of bioactive microbial chemicals that have so far only been considered for their therapeutic applications; for example, the environmental roles of antibiotics have been little investigated. At sub-inhibitory concentrations, so-called antibiotics have been shown to modulate bacterial functions in subtle ways; they behave more like signals than toxins. It is proposed that networks of microbial cell signalling are primarily based on the interactions of low molecular weight compounds with macromolecular receptors; studies of the nature of these signals will reveal important information on the functions of microbial communities.

This is an interested article


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Physical biology

Posted by iskanbasal on October 14, 2008


This is a great book of science “Physical Biology ” by Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail:

“This is an avant-garde book edited by Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail with contributions from eminent scientists including four Nobel prize winners. The perspectives of these world leaders in physics, chemistry, and biology define potential new frontiers at the interface of disciplines and including physical, systems, and synthetic biology”.

I read the first two chapters of the book. Chapter 1 by David baltimore can be accessed free. The chapters are not reviews but overviews. In the first article by David Baltimore there is a wonderful description of the field of biomedical sciences today. How life science research changed in the millenium, how its methods are new and more available to scientists everywhere. The author ascertain the fact: ” Thus, there is a higher premium on innovative thinking, on the creative asking of questions”. I, now understand better also the glossary: Structural biology, systems biology, Synthetic biology and their different fields of research. All interesting to have a large open view of what science is facing and struggling to achieve gradually.

Physical Biology

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Richard Feynman – The Last Journey Of A Genius[1988]

Posted by iskanbasal on July 22, 2008

This is a video about Richard Feynman, the great Physicist, author of “Feynman’s lectures on Physics”. I found it in Twitter, @Timoreilly, and @giustini.

I know already feynman as I read two biographies  about him. One was ” Surely, you are joking Mr. Feynam”, here the link. also here. The second was ” What do you care what other people think?”.  both were very interesting readings, I remember.

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Arthur Kornberg dies

Posted by iskanbasal on October 30, 2007

“There have got to be tens of thousands of people around the world today whose eyes are tearing up with the news that he’s gone,”Paul Berg.

Link The Scientist .

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Video: “Brain Bank”—Peek Inside the Human Head

Posted by iskanbasal on July 1, 2007

National geographic has created this video about the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center in Belmont, Massachusetts. It shows how researchers prepare brain samples for research:

“Watch as technicians race to prepare a new arrival, and see how scientists who draw on the brain bank are making the best use of this unusual resource.”

This is the link to the National geographuc news.

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Science blogs

Posted by iskanbasal on June 28, 2007

I added science my blogroll in the right side bar. These are all selected by SEEDS magazine and media as important blogging sites. There are only a limited number of selected blogs here, I think just 63. the aim of the seedmedia is to improve sience literacy in the public culture:

ScienceBlogs was created by Seed Media Group. We believe that science literacy is a pre-condition for progress in the 21st century. At a time when public interest in science is high but public understanding of science remains weak, we have set out to create innovative media ventures to improve science literacy and to advance global science culture.

I already know only “aietiology” in the list of their bloggers. This action is important in the field of scientific knowledge, although I aways think about the interactions between science and the other fields of life. There are however articles in Seed that take this into consideration. certainly I should learn more about it, as time permitts.

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